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Emergency Room vs MD Acute

Updated: Feb 20

Dealing with an illness or injury is never fun, and it can be even worse if you aren't sure where to get the care you need. You might even be worried to visit the emergency room due to potentially long waits and high bills. Luckily, an ER visit might not be necessary. You can save time and money by choosing MD Acute.

About Our Clinic

MD Acute is a multi-specialty medical practice in Tucson, AZ, providing rapid care when you need it most. We treat illnesses and injuries and provide occupational and travel medicine, as well as COVID-19 testing and vaccinations. Our clinic is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

Benefits of MD Acute vs the ER

There are many benefits to visiting our clinic instead of the emergency room:

  • Shorter Wait: ERs are set up to treat the most severe cases first. This is important to make sure those who need immediate care get it quickly, but it means you may be in the waiting room for a long time before you are seen by a doctor. At MD Acute, we have little to no wait time.

  • Lower Cost: Going to the emergency room can get expensive, even with insurance. For non-life-threatening situations, MD Acute is much more cost effective.

  • Middle Ground Between ER and Primary Care: When you need to get medical care quickly, your physician's office may be closed, or they may not be available. On the other hand, an emergency room may be overkill or more invasive than necessary for your medical needs. MD Acute is a middle ground between these two options.

When is an ER Visit Necessary?

In some situations, a visit to the emergency room will be necessary, such as if your illness or injury is life-threatening. For example, if you think you’re having a heart attack, you should go to the ER instead of our clinic. Other potentially life-threatening situations that need the attention of an emergency room include severe allergic reactions, chest pain, uncontrolled bleeding, or unconsciousness. If you are not sure whether an ER visit is necessary, it's usually better to err on the side of caution.

If you do visit MD Acute and your symptoms warrant a trip to the emergency room, we are conveniently located next to the entrance of St Joseph's Hospital, so we can refer you to their ER.

Rapid Treatment When You Need It Most

In many circumstances, a visit to MD Acute can save you time and money compared to the ER. A physician is always available, and we maintain the highest standards for patient care.

If the urgent care is not enough and the emergency room is too much, visit MD Acute. Walk-ins are welcome.

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