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So What if I have COVID?

In 2023, the American public has moved far beyond COVID. It is still an illness that affects us, no matter the severity of the condition.

The CDC and Public Health experts still recommend vaccinations against COVID. Despite the lingering conspiracy theorists, vaccinations are safe and effective. One of the biggest benefits has been protection against the most severe symptoms caused by the coronavirus variants.

Regardless of vaccination status, there are effective treatments against COVID. The oral medications Paxlovid and Lagevrio are five-day courses, and have been shown to keep patients out of hospitals. The key is early identification and early initiation with one of these treatments.

MD Acute not only tests for COVID, but we treat with one of these medications, as long as there is no contraindication to taking them. There is no need to withhold treatment from otherwise healthy individuals. See our team at MD Acute and let us get you back on the road to recovery!

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